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The best cellar for your wines
B4312, B4318 & B4324
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Table of contents
1. Safety precautions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3
2. Install Your New BODEGA43 ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4
3. Your BODEGA43 explained ------------------------------------------------------------------ 6
4. Cleaning your BODEGA43? ------------------------------------------------------------------ 6
5. Trouble using your BODEGA43? ----------------------------------------------------------- 7
Your BODEGA43 is an electrical device. When using your BODEGA43, one should always follow
the safety precautions as listed below:
Do not plug your BODEGA43 into the power socket before completing the full setup.
BODEGA43 is an electrical device. Never touch your BODEGA43 with wet hands, while standing
on a wet floor or when standing in water to avoid injury or death from an electrical shock.
Never use outdoors or in wet environments.
Do not pull the power cord to unplug your BODEGA43 from the power net. Only grasp the plug at
the end of the cord to unplug from the power source.
Do not lift, tilt or carry your BODEGA43 by the pulling the power cord.
Do not place the cord near heated surfaces.
At all times, keep your BODEGA 43 always parallel to the surface and never upside down when
moving or carrying.
Ensure that the BODEGA43 is not positioned horizontally, declined less than 45° or turned upside
Your BODEGA43 is intended for storing wine bottles. Do not use it for food or other supplies.
Your BODEGA43 is intended to be used in household environments. Any other use will void the
Regarding placement of your BODEGA43, always ensure that there are is plenty of space for
aeration surrounding. The ventilation holes at the sides and back must always have at least 10cm
of free space surrounding as this is meant for your BODEGA43 to release excessive heat of the
coolers. This allows the necessary ventilation for proper use.
Always correctly close the door immediately after storing items inside of your BODEGA43.This will
prevent the temperature inside the BODEGA43 from rising towards unwanted levels.
For cleaning the BODEGA43 cooler, never use harsh detergents or solvents. Only make use of
mild detergents or glass cleaning products.
If water tanks are not used for 48 hours they should be cleaned.
Flush the connected water system if water has not been drawn from a water supply for
5 days.
2. Install Your New BODEGA43
For a quick installation of your new BODEGA43, follow the instructions below. Note that this
BODEGA43 is not designed for recessed installation.
1. First, pick a convenient place for your BODEGA43 where it is not exposed to extreme
heat or cold. Keep in mind that there should be sufficient space around the BODEGA43
and walls on the side to be able to open the door completely.
2. Make sure the location has a strong and stable floor.
3. Keep the BODEGA43 at least 10 cm away from the wall behind the cooler and 5 cm away
from the walls on the side to allow for a good circulation of excessive heat.
4. Check that the power supply you are about to connect to your BODEGA43 is 220-240V AC
/ 50Hz.
5. Connect your BODEGA43 to the power supply by placing the power plug in the socket.
6. Give the BODEGA43 approximately 1 hour to allow it to reach the desired temperature.
7. Now place the wine bottles inside your BODEGA43. It needs between 1 and 2 hours until
your bottles reach the desired temperature now.
5cm 5cm
To select the right temperature for your wines in the BODEGA43, you can use the
temperature buttons on the glass panel.
Your BODEGA43 can reach temperatures between 6°C-18°C for the B4312. For the B4318 and
B4324S the temperature range is 8°C-18°C.
When the temperature is set on one certain point and the temperature inside
reaches this point, the automatic temperature control system begins to work and the cooling
system goes into linear temperature keeping status.
When empty, your BODEGA43 can cool down to 6°C or 8°C, depending on the model. When you
have adjusted your temperature it will balance after a while on that level. The time to change in
temperature is dependent on how much you have adjusted the temperature and also depends
on the temperature outside the BODEGA43.
To use any of the functions on the glass panel, simply press on the button to use.
The light switch in the middle controls the lighting on the inside of your BODEGA43.
On the left of the light switch the buttons for raising and lowering the temperature can be found.
When pressing, you can adjust the temperature for the upper shelves. The blue LEDs indicate the
temperature to be obtained.
These functionalities can be found on the right side of the light switch for your lower shelf
3. Your BODEGA43 explained
4. Cleaning your BODEGA43
Avoid cleaning materials such as:
- Harsh, abrasive cleaners
- Heavy-duty cleaners
Solvents on any surface.
Cleaning the different parts of your BODEGA43
Clean the magnetic door strips
Wash with warm water with light soap.
Clean the interior part
Wash the shelves and removable parts in warm
water with light soap. Dry immediately after rinsing.
If you want to wash the full interior, you can go for
a baking soda solution. You need 3 tablespoons to
approximately 1L of water or warm water, rinse
and dry.