Take a look inside the BODEGA43 factory

The BODEGA43 factory only makes wine coolers and wine refrigerators. We do not manufacture kitchen appliances, for example, nor other electrical equipment. Instead, we focus solely on the wine refrigeration market. As we are fully committed to the production of wine coolers, we are able to focus on optimal performance in wine maturation and storage.

All BODEGA43 wine coolers are assembled by hand. This is why it’s also possible in some cases to have adjustments made to your BODEGA43 in the factory. Of course, not everything is possible, and such changes may result in a longer delivery time and a higher price.


The design table

The birth of each BODEGA43 model begins on the drawing board. An eye-catching design is the hallmark of every BODEGA43, making your wine cooler a showpiece in your home.
Our designers are true artists. After the initial design on paper, we build several test models of each new model so that we can adjust the design in order to test and improve the intended performance in practice.
Suppliers also adjust their production processes for each new model and are informed about the required specifications for the materials.
The entire process, from the drawing board to the moment the first new model leaves the factory, takes about 18 months.


Strict quality controls for

Before a BODEGA43 leaves the factory, it is thoroughly tested. This is why all major electrical components are individually tested under extreme conditions, between -25° C and + 45° C, before mounting.
Every machine that leaves the factory has been operated for a long period of time at least twice and has been tested on its performance. This enables us to keep the number of faults to a minimum.
Finally, every machine is cleaned by hand, just before being packaged, so that your BODEGA43 can be delivered to you in optimal condition.


Packaging and shipping

Once a BODEGA43 has passed all tests, it is packed in a protective box and transported upright to the storage and distribution centre in the destination country. There, it waits for you to choose BODEGA43 as indeed The best cellar for your wines. From that moment, we are able to deliver it to you quickly and conveniently.



B43180 Wine cooler

£ 1.749,- details

B4324 Wine cooler

£ 695,- details

B4340 Wine cooler

£ 1.199,- details

B4366 Wine cooler

£ 1.279,- details