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Wine fridges are, as the name implies, intended to cool wine. A wine fridge therefore usually only has 1 temperature zone and cannot heat. If you have clear ideas that you only want to use your wine cabinet to serve either red or white wine directly or to store your wine for many years, then a wine fridge can be a great choice. You are then less flexible than when you have a wine cooler purchase. A wine cooler can be used as a wine fridge, but not the other way around.

At BODEGA43 you can choose a small wine fridge with 1 temperature zone or a wine cooler with 2 temperature zones that you can use as a wine fridge by setting both zones at the same temperature. If the purpose of your purchase is to store wine for a long time, then a BODEGA43 with 2 temperature zones is the right choice for you. If over time your needs changes and you still want to be able to serve wine directly, you can easily set the temperature of one of the zones differently

Small wine coolers of

€ 449,-

Even our smallest wine fridge has an eye-catching design. If you want to serve your wines at the right temperature in a warm climate, the BODEGA43-12C is a good choice for years of wine pleasure. The B4312C is equipped with a powerful compressor so that you can cool your wine to any desired temperature of 5-20 ° C, even in subtropical conditions. Even champagne bottles fit effortlessly into this smallest BODEGA43 wine fridge. 

The design of the BODEGA43-12C also took the utmost care on the materials used. The luxurious full-glazed door features UV, tinted, three layers glazing for extra insulation and protection. The B4312C has beech wood shelves that run effortlessly, and solidly, over a guide rail. 

€ 899,-

The BODEGA43-18C has been specially developed as an built-in wine fridge for the kitchen. This high-quality wine fridge holds up to 18 wine bottles that you can store between 5-20 ° C. The full glass door is equipped with UV resistant, brown tinted, triple glazing for extra insulation, lower energy consumption and better protection of wine.

The B4318C is very quiet, only 38dB, so noise is kept to a minimum and the wine fridge is equipped with a energy-efficient compressor technology, vibration-free to create the most stable climate in your wine fridge. The extendable beech wood drawers and the blue LED lighting add a romantic touch to your interior.
The B4318C has 1 temperature zone and the height of a small oven. The luxurious design, in combination with the optimal protection for the wine, makes this small wine fridge one of the popular models of BODEGA43.

€ 749,-

The BODEGA43-22 is a very compact wine cabinet with, for its dimensions, a large storage capacity of 22 wine bottles, divided over two temperature zones. This small wine cooler is equipped with a heating function for an even more constant temperature. The high energy efficiency of the B4322 is partly due to its ECO function and the three-layer full-glass door with brown tinted glass. The UV filter provides extra protection. The BODEGA43-22 is equipped with 5 beech wood shelves and blue LED lighting.

A special feature of the design of the B4322 is that you can store 4 bottles upright, ideal for keeping an opened bottle at the right temperature. From the B4322 you can serve both red and white wine directly at any desired temperature between 5 and 20 ° C. Both temperature zones can be controlled with the BODEGA43 control panel. From the B4322 you can serve both red and white wine directly at any desired temperature between 5 and 20°C. Both climate zones can be operated through 1 control panel. Even if you want to keep your wines during a longer period to optimally develop their taste and aroma, the B4322 is an excellent choice when you do not have the space for a large wine climate cabinet, but you still want the functions and luxury of a real BODEGA43.

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